The Eye of the Beholder

Nagish flew through her lair as she spied on the adventuring party that invaded her lair, raiding it for treasure and the like. The group had recently thwarted a mimic and seemed cocky about their chances against the boss of the dungeon, i.e. her. She decided to show them the folly of their error.

She floats down into the middle of the group and grins. "Foolish party, coming to confront me in my own lair. Allow me to show you my superior might!" She says as she charges up her eyes.

"Look out!" The bard shouts, getting ready to play her lute until the beholder looks at her with her big eye, causing the bard's magic music to just come out as normal music. Unfortunately for the bard, the beholder girl had floated down so that the bard couldn't protect anyone else in the cone of anti-magic, so she was free to aim her beams. She struck the sneaky rogue with a fear ray, prompting the girl to drop her daggers and run.

Nagish didn't mind the loss of food as she was unlikely to have enough room for all of them, and she didn't want to have to deal with a slippery opponent who might get away without her permission. She strikes the mage with a stoning beam. She was the only one even remotely a threat, and she liked keeping magic users, especially users of the arcane, as decorations around her den. The party could only watch as the mage's flesh began to transform into stone, trying her hardest to move.

A paralyzing ray struck the monk, causing her to freeze in place. The cleric prepared to cast her spells, but her spell fizzled as the barbarian grabbed her.

"WHAT?!" The cleric asks in shock before noticing the vacant look on the barbarian's face; she must be under a compulsion!

"Keep your little cleric bound for me will you?" Nagish asks her charmed barbarian while she telekinetically grabs the ranger as she was struck by an arrow, grunting from slight pain. She uses her telekinesis to relieve the ranger of her clothing and weapons before lifting her to her mouth and opening wide. She begins to swallow the elf, moaning from her protests while continuing to keep her big eye on the bard to keep her from being able to break any of her enchantments. She closes her big eye as she swallows the ranger before putting the bard to sleep with her eye beam and relieving her of her clothing, gulping her down next.

After eating the bard and ranger, Nagish was satisfied and burps, instructing the barbarian to tie up her monk and cleric friends. She would need a meal for later after all. She has the barbarian strip herself and start to rub her belly as she digested her meal. For now, she planned to eat the barbarian once she ate the monk and cleric, but if she kept up this effectiveness, who knew, maybe she would be a good minion.

Story by Soroxas2
Artwork by Celestin

High resolution (1928x2667)

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