The Failed Escape

Android 18 came home from a tournament only to find somebody she wasn’t expecting; Android 21! She tried talking with her visitor but 21 had different plans in mind.

Within moments, 18 was caught and swallowed by 21. But 18 was a fighter and had no intention to just stay down. She managed to get out of her predator's seemingly bottomless gut through sheer effort, as soon as 21 had fallen sleep and let her guard down.

Just as her escape seem assured and she had made it to the door, 21 awoke and 18 was caught yet again, to her dismay. And this time, 21 was going to make sure, as her prey re-entered her belly and there was no way out; only digestion.

Story by Cobra Bubbles
Artwork by MisterEye

High resolution (1855x3786)

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