The Goo

Jessica sighed as the warm water cascaded over her body. It had been a long, hard day at the gym, and her muscles ached from her extensive workout. The warm water relaxed her, but she couldn’t wait to get home and curl up with a good book. She closed her eyes, letting her weariness slip away for a little bit... when suddenly the sound of water became overtaken by a loud, squishy, almost sucking sound from below. Jessica looked down and saw a white goo begin to rise up from the shower drain. There wasn’t much of it, but the oddness of it had her cut her shower short and leave.

She backed away from the goo slowly as more and more of it began to rise, slowly undulating towards her. Jessica called over to her friend, Juliette, who was chatting with another set of girls in the locker room. However, before Juliette could arrive, the goo shot out a white tendril that wrapped itself around Jessica and pulled her towards it with a stiff jerk. Jessica lost her balance and nearly plunged face first into the pile of goo. She struggled and struggled, but even with all her muscles she couldn’t break free of the goo’s grasp.

Jessica was jerked forward as the pile of goo began its attack on the locker room. Juliette tried to turn and run, but the goo was deceptively quick. Its tendrils shot out and tripped her. The goo was soon on top of Juliette and devouring her legs. Two of the other girls, Christina and Tara, tried to be brave and help Jessica get out, but they too were quickly overtaken by the goo’s slimy tendrils. Christina was lifted into the air, the tendrils tearing at her clothes in preparation to devour her. Tara, on the other hand, couldn’t get a good grip and fell into the pile of goo. Monica, the last girl standing in the locker room, did all she could to pull out her best friend Tara in a panic... but the goo wrapped a tendril around her ankle and pulled her in as well.

The girls screamed as the goo grew more and more, covering their bodies and slowly devouring them. Soon their sounds were muffled, and all that could be heard was the squishing and sucking sounds of the goo.

Story by Takaine
Artwork by Hmage

High resolution (5100x3300)

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