The Perfect Voraphilic Companion

She preferred women. Yes, men were far too forceful and not as kind. However, the sweat-soaked man thrusting into her paid extremely well. She allowed her body to react to him naturally, leaving him exhausted at the end of their time together. She left him passed out on the bed of room 302 and started the journey to her own room, in order to freshen up before her next client.

She smiled as she passed behind the receptionists, the clients waiting in the lobby unable to see her through the thick one-way glass. The receptionists were answering the videophones as fast as they could, and still she knew that there would be nearly 100 messages awaiting the night shift to sort through. She left the busy lobby and continued on, pausing briefly for a thumb, retinal, and DNA scan before the elevator opened and she was whisked away to her private quarters. As she walked into her beautiful, tastefully-decorated room, she was greeted by her four female attendants. She had found that male attendants, unless eunuchs, tended to become infatuated with her after a time. Therefore she kept all men who worked for her in the west wing of her companionship. The attendants led their mistress to the shower and proceeded to bathe her with special perfumes and oils, with each girl then gently massaging their mistress from head to toe, kneading her skin until it had become extremely supple and soft. As the last girl stepped away to fetch a lycra garment, the teleprompter beeped and a cute brunette instantly appeared on the screen.

“Your special guests are here, madam.” She said in a peppy voice, inclining her head respectfully.

“Very good.” the sultry seductress responded, her voice carrying from the massage table like flowing honey. The girl on screen closed her eyes as each syllable seemed to flow through her entire being; leaving her dazed as though she were on a drug. “I will meet them in room 4502. Have the chosen ones prepare the room.”

“It shall be done, mistress.” The girl nodded; once more opening her eyes to return to her duties.

The screen went blank and Esmeralda slowly stood to her feet. She was poetry in motion, her bronzed skin covering her lithe muscles that rippled like water with each graceful step. Her breasts rising firm from her body, her short, jet-black hair lengthening as she neared her closet; now shoulder length, then down past her shoulders, stopping just above her firm buttocks, her emerald eyes beckoning with deep pools of green that had been rumored to drive men insane. She raised first one foot then the other as her attendants helped her into a specially-designed teal one-piece bathing suit. Then, after placing a diaphanous covering over herself, she proceeded out the door. Returning to the elevator, she stepped inside and spoke one word before the machine moved, whisking her off to room 4502. Esmeralda was extremely pleased to see that the room had been prepared as she had instructed. Heavy drapes hung from the twelve foot tall windows, causing a dusky twilight in the room. Three plush air chairs had been placed near the foot of a massive, satin-sheeted pillow-top bed. Nothing else adorned the room save the dark trim and the single door. The wall to Esmeralda’s left came alive and the brunette's face appeared once more.

“Your guests are on their way, they should be arriving in two minutes.” Esmeralda nodded and the wall went back to normal.

“Chosen ones?” Esmeralda called out as she stood near the end of the bed. Instantly, six girls seemed to materialize from the wall. Two brunettes, a blonde, two redheads, and one raven-haired beauty all stepped towards their mistress. Each one was clad in low-rider jeans and a white t-shirt, the latter barely containing their ample bosoms and large, squirming bellies, their bras able to be seen through the tight material of their shirts. Each girl knelt before Esmeralda before disappearing once more.

The door slid open, revealing three scantily-clad women, each one heavily pregnant looking. Esmeralda greeted each one in turn with a deep, passionate kiss, leaving the women speechless. Esmeralda led the three to the air chairs and, after disrobing them, helped them get comfortable in the air chairs before returning to the bed, her trim stomach starting to growl hungrily. The three naked women nodded their approval and then clapped twice. Instantly the blonde appeared, and Esmeralda spent the next five minutes sensually seducing the girl out of her clothes, each article of clothing being tossed to the sides of the bed. At times it appeared as though Esmeralda would tear the clothing off the girl in her exuberance, rather than remove it properly, but the blonde seemed to be so enthralled, and on such a sexual high, that she was scarcely aware of her clothing being removed. Esmeralda then began kissing the blonde, starting at her head and then slowly and gently moving downward. With each kiss, Esmeralda quickly licked the blonde, covering her naked form with a slick coating of saliva. The blonde girl’s body responded easily to Esmeralda’s ministrations, moaning and writhing on the bed as she was subjected to her master’s art. Esmeralda stopped as she reached the blonde’s feet and sucked on each of the girls pink painted toes.

Gently she pressed the girl’s feet together and slid them between her full, ruby red lips, at the same time slowly licking the girl’s feet, much the same way a wine taster rolls the wine around in their mouth before swallowing. Esmeralda’s teeth gently scraped along the blonde's skin, leaving slight indentations on the girl's feet. The blonde could see nothing of what Esmeralda was doing, due to her large, still squirming belly. Not that she cared. She was in an over-sexed euphoric haze, unable to react or think clearly. Esmeralda slowly swallowed the blonde’s feet, then glanced up at the three naked spectators, and was immensely satisfied to see that they were enjoying the show to the point of sexual bliss. Esmeralda allowed herself a light chuckle before her stomach growled once more. Swallowing again, Esmeralda inched her way up the bed, her throat and chest swelling outward around her large meal. The outline of the blonde’s feet was seen easily through the skin until Esmeralda swallowed again and the teal fabric of her swimsuit hid them once more. Then only the smooth outline of the calf, knee, and thigh could be seen. Esmeralda paused as her lips covered the blonde's nether region, her vision filled by the massive, wiggling belly of her dinner. Ever so slowly, Esmeralda opened her mouth even wider, allowing her to inch her way up the blonde girl further. Her own belly was starting to press down on the bed, forming a lovely hang as it was slowly filled. Esmeralda somehow got her lips up and around the massive belly in front of her as she continued swallowing. In a matter of minutes, Esmeralda had forced the squirming belly into her own growling one. Of course, this instantly forced Esmeralda to gently knead and start swallowing the blonde’s large and very full breasts, which elicited a light moan from her meal. Esmeralda continued gently swallowing, the moans growing louder until the girl screamed, her entire body spasming within Esmeralda before going limp. Esmeralda knew what had happened, and sighed in contentment before swallowing further. Her guests were staring at the massive sphere that was now attached to Esmeralda as she swallowed the outstretched fingers of the blonde sliding down her throat.

All of the guests applauded their approval before stepping down to rub Esmeralda’s belly. Occasionally, their bellies brushed against Esmeralda’s, which sent a jolt of pleasure through both parties. Then the door opened again, and one of the brunettes stepped out, slowly walking towards the bed, allowing the clients time to move back to the air chairs. Yes, she definitely preferred women, Esmeralda thought as she rubbed her large belly, preparing for her second course.

Story by Zewhatcher
Artwork by Shonemitsu, Slasher

High resolution (4961x3508)

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