The Spell Was a Success

Cydney has always had two loves: her witchcraft and her appetite. Finally, after years of experimenting with both, she had finally stumbled upon the spell she had been waiting for. It was time for her to become the agent of change she was destined to be. She knew she would usher in a new world... in her stomach.

Never shy about her appearance, she had always flouted her big body. By high school she was well over 400 pounds, but was sent home many times for showing too much skin and stealing too many lunches. However, she knew deep down that normal food was never enough. She needed more. She wanted to eat everything. She spent all her days just lusting over every piece of food, every person she saw, every building, no matter how high. She had to have everything. She had to become everything.

She found herself invested in witchcraft, and soon found that it was much more than sage and tarot cards. She found she could take away any restriction that her weight and hunger presented. She could walk into any buffet and leave 50 pounds heavier, but it wasn’t enough. Finally, she perfected it. The spell was cast and she had become who she was destined to: the one to consume the universe.

She started by consuming the confines of her apartment. When she was able to devour and eat all matter in front of her and her belly burst through her already huge dress, she knew it was time to put the spell to the test. She waddled her way to the store with no effort, grabbing and gulping down any passerby along the way. She arrived with her belly barely able to get through the double glass doors. Drooling uncontrollably and sizing up her giant meal, she orgasmed in excitement and delight.

Before anyone could react to the behemoth in front of them, she lunged. Grabbing every person in sight, she gorged with no one able to even try to stop her. Pushing through the store, her belly bulldozing the shelves and displays, she grabbed every piece of matter in sight and choked them all down. Determined to eat every morsel, she crawled on her belly to scoop up everything she could, her spell giving her the strength to pull her massive body towards the food she sought. Even though she was getting so big, she made sure to track down and eat everything in the store. Finally, after there were only crumbs and rubble left, she crawled back so she could lie down and digest.

Soon her body will fill out and grow. She dreamed of the giant she would become. She dreamed of all the buildings, fields, and oceans that would soon be a part of her. She clutched her belly, and fell asleep to get ready for her next feast.

Story by MFsnake
Artwork by Enroc Studio

High resolution (2893x4092)

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