Two Giantesses, One City

No one knows how or why Carrie and her best friend Lisa became 800-feet-tall giantesses. All anyone knew was that they were huge and very hungry... and the city was their buffet. They went on an eating spree, gulping and swallowing anything and everything they could grab.

A few hours later, Carrie and Lisa sat in what was once their home city, their bellies huge and bloated.

"BWWOOOORRRRRRRPPPP!" Lisa Belched. "WHOO! I am st..UUUURRRPP...ffed!" She continued rubbing her gut as she looked to her friend. "How are you feeling, hun?"

Carrie, looking at her belly, let out a little whimper in response.

"BRAAAP! Excuse me! HUP! What's wrong, Carrie? HIC!" Lisa asked.

"I'm still so hungry!" Carrie cried out, her belly letting out a loud rumble to Lisa's amazement. "I need MORE!" Carrie continued rubbing her gut, trying to soothe the hunger pangs.

"I don't think there is anymore, hun. URP" Lisa said, trying to find something as best she could for Carrie to eat... which is why Lisa didn't notice Carrie looking at her. Carrie's hunger was getting worse, and Lisa was so big... surely she could sate her appetite. Carrie started to drool a little and bit her lower lip.

"I think I found someth..." Lisa said before she was cut off by Carrie's mouth covering her head. In a few gulps, Carrie had swallowed Lisa whole.

"Lisa... you were a good friend... and delicious! BRUUUUUUUUUUUUUAAAAAAAARRRRRRRPPPPPPPPP!" Carrie commented as she belched out her friend's shoes.

Story by Slapdash
Artwork by Mauro Vargas

High resolution (2550x3510)

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