Unfortunate Affections

Astrid was sobbing as she peeled off her clothes. She was supposed to be spending the night in a spooky cabin watching horror movies with Marigold, but her best friend had just somehow eaten a woman, alive and screaming, with her breasts! Marigold's chest was enormous now, each breast the size of one of those inflatable exercise balls. Mari had killed that woman just to prove to Astrid that she could, and then played the footage she'd taken from inside the homes of Astrid's mom and her sister, Natalie.

"They're perfectly fine, and will stay that way if you feed yourself to me. If you try to run, I'll eat you, then your family, then that girl you like in the music department, then... well, two others. I haven't decided who yet, but they'll be nice people."

Astrid had no choice but to comply, and had forced herself feet first into Marigold's nipple. Soon the hot, oily tit fat gripped her tight, and the only part of her still visible to the outside world was her mascara-streaked face, framed by Marigold's stretched nipple. She begged to know why her friend was doing this to her.

"Aw, hun, I wouldn't do this if I was mad at you or didn't like you. You know I have a big boob fetish, and I finally decided to enhance myself at about the same time as I thought of doing this trip with you... so why not let you have the honor? See, to a part-demon like me, affection and cruelty are the same thing. And I have so much affection for you. Now tell me you want me to eat you or your family all dies like that girl you saw."

"Please eat me, Mari. I want you to eat me."


"Because you're my friend and I want you to have the tits you deserve. Because being a bigger pair of tits for you is the best future I can imagine."

"You know, at this size hardly anyone would be able to tell the difference between before and after adding you. You think that's worth it?"

Astrid sobbed. "It's worth it. If I made you a millimeter bigger it would be worth it. I wouldn't leave if you gave me the choice. I want this so much. It's more important than my life, than my happiness, than my future. Please do it." Saying this made her feel queasy, but other people's lives were at stake. She would debase herself if it meant saving them.

"Aw, you're a sweetheart. As a reward, I'll let you really experience the process. I can eat you just a couple millimeters per minute, from the feet up. It'll take ten hours until you're gone. It'll hurt real bad, but you won't miss a moment of becoming my boobs. You want that, right?"

"Oh god... I..." She only just caught herself. "So much, Mari."

"And you want this so much that even if your family was already gone, you'd still ask for it, right?"



Astrid began to scream as Marigold's fat and mammary glands started breaking down the soles of her feet for raw materials. It was like every individual nerve was being ripped out and laid on hot coals. "Now that it's started, nothing in the world could ever get you out of me. There's only one place you're going now... so let's watch a movie!" Marigold hit a button on her laptop, and a video started playing.

Astrid's mom and her sister Natalie were on screen, both naked, both in pain, both ankle-deep in Marigold's breasts. On screen, Marigold's voice could be heard.

"Mmmm, Ms. Langley... you're so good I just have to slurp you down."

"Please, who are you, wha---AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" Slurping was the right word for it: in less than five seconds, Astrid's mom was pulled completely into the breast in spite of Natalie's efforts to hold onto her. Her last screams didn't even sound like something human. Then she was just gone. Marigold's breasts swelled in the process, and Nat's calves were now swallowed up. Natalie whimpered and babbled incoherently, staring at the breast into which her mother had vanished. She couldn't understand what had just happened, but she knew she had watched her mom die somehow.

"Don't worry, hun, you've still got a while. I need to hit a 90 minute run time, after all."

And Natalie began to scream again, and screamed and screamed.

"NO! MOM! NAT! OH GOD NO, PLEASE! YOU PROMISED!" cried Astrid, wrestling a hand out of the giant tit to reach for the screen. "Momma, no, no--" Her denials faded into unintelligible screams of agony and grief.

"The best horror films are the personal ones, I think. And here's a bit of director's commentary for you---warning, spoilers---when a part-demon like me eats someone, the victim's soul is trapped in our flesh forever, alone in their fear and pain. Your mother and sister aren't gone, they're wrapped around you right now, and they're still screaming. They'll never stop screaming. And neither will you."

"I feel like you're not really going to give this movie the attention it deserves, and you have your own horror to focus on, so I'm going to put you away now. Thank you for what's easily been one of our top five movie nights." She reached around her gigantic breast and pushed Astrid's face all the way inside. Her screams were first muffled, and then stopped as she ran out of air. Luckily, as Marigold saw it, being connected to her flesh would keep Astrid from suffocating or losing consciousness, so she wouldn't miss any of her beautiful transition. She had, however, left Astrid's hand out, and gripped it affectionately as she watched the replay of her devouring her friend's sister. Ten hours and a few other movies later, Marigold shoved at the huge tit that had contained Astrid. "Anything left in there? Are you boobies yet?" She shoved a couple more times, without so much as a twitch in response. Astrid couldn't hear the question, but she could feel the jostling of her fatty new self; each nudge not only caused her already unbearable pain to flare, but brought a flood of sadness, shame, and loss. They were the only feelings she'd ever know again.

"Looking good, girls," she said to her breasts and to her victims; same thing at this point. She got dressed, covering her breasts with a big cape she'd made for the occasion, and carefully made her way out to her car, still adjusting to her new proportions. She would have to make custom bras when she got home. To no one in particular, she said, "they should make a movie about me. I am *good* at this monster business."

Story by plumpbunny
Artwork by Raffaele Ricciardi

High resolution (3300x5100)

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