Vore Challenge

Nick had scored some weird vitamins from his old classmate Karla (from Attractive Demise). When she told him what they did he was obviously sceptical. Then his roommate shorted him on rent again.

The rest is history... along with one weirdly good tasting roommate.

Fast forward a few weeks and Nick is performing for a college party. Unpopular people and just random homeless people are being fed to him. At the start he simply said, "Feed me until I say stop. Let's test the limits of this." 8 morsels later and Nick was the size of a large mattress. 8 full sized humans squirming around inside his belly. 4 were swallowed, 4 had been shoved up his ass. Those were unexpected but not unwelcome.

His stomach growled...

"I still have room... any volunteers?"

Story by iron-ninja327
Artwork by Wanted Waifus

High resolution (3000x4650)

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